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Taking Headaches Out Of Liquor Licensing

Many types of businesses sell liquor as part of their enterprise. Restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and social clubs offer alcoholic beverages on their premises while grocery stores and package liquor stores sell alcohol to be consumed off premises. While adding liquor to your product offerings can boost revenues, the state of Indiana tightly regulates its sale. Applying for a liquor license or defending your right to retain one if your license is challenged can rob you of the valuable time you need to grow your business.

You do not have to manage your relationship with the Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission by yourself. The lawyers at Tauber Law represent many companies throughout Northwest Indiana on issues related to liquor licensing.


Indiana has more than 70 liquor-related licenses it provides to businesses. Each one grants the business authority to sell certain types of alcohol, in specific settings, and outlines whether the business can be located in an incorporated town or city or does not have to be. Our firm’s legal staff can help you manage your licensing issues cost-effectively and with confidence. We can help you:

  • Make the initial application for a liquor license
  • Determine which type of license is most appropriate for your organization
  • Work with the IATC and other businesses to file a transfer of ownership for an existing liquor license
  • Ensure the annual renewal of your license is completed on time
  • Pay your alcohol-related taxes and understand various taxation issues
  • Successfully litigate or negotiate a settlement on alcohol-related liability issues

We are serious attorneys, but you will find a casual, friendly atmosphere at Tauber Law. Our focus is on you and the success of your company.


Our attorneys are dedicated to their clients and maintaining a thriving regional business economy. Do not spend hours or days mired in paperwork or challenges to your liquor license. Call 219-865-6666 to speak with a member of our firm and resolve your business issues quickly or email us to make an appointment. We serve clients in Northewest Indiana from our offices in Schererville.

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