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Too Many School Bus Accidents

There is really no other explanation. Children killed or injured as they board or depart a school bus is usually caused by a negligent driver. The operator of a motor vehicle is too busy checking her cell phone or in other cases, the driver is going too fast or is...

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Living for Logan – A warning about distracted driving

Occasionally we see a story in the news that moves us enough to repeat it and spotlight it here. This was a report featured recently on WTHR in Indianapolis. It’s a graphic example of what can happen in a split second when a driver takes his eyes off the road. Logan...

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National Adoption Day Celebration

All are invited to attend -- Please mark your calendar and save the date: November 16, 2018 for National Adoption Day The Honorable Judge Thomas P. Stefaniak and the Lake County Juvenile Court are hosting the fourth annual National Adoption Day Celebration. National...

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Baby Walker Alert!

At Tauber Law Office, a slogan we often use is “We May Meet by Accident.” While we would rather meet you under happier circumstances, the reality is that we are always there for people who have suffered through the fault of others – whether it be a car or truck crash,...

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Fall Still a High Time for Traffic Fatalities

Many would think that summertime would be the highest time for deaths on the highways nationally. Indeed, it is one of the most dangerous times of the year, due to the large numbers of people traveling to vacation destinations. It also makes sense that weekends are...

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Aspirin Warning

QPR for Tauber 92018 It’s hard to believe that precautionary news about a simple aspirin a day has been published. Aspirin has always been thought to be a ‘wonder drug,’ effective for so many maladies. And for most people, it’s probably just fine. What’s alarming is...

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Does your vacation home qualify for tax deferment?

If you’re like most people, you dream of having a vacation home or a second home. It’s the ultimate way for a regular get away to relax alone, or with family and friends on Lake Michigan, nestled in the woods, or any of the other beautiful settings around our area. At...

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It’s the Law

You may not even realize that a good number of new Indiana laws took effect on the 1st of July. From new freedom for adoptees to look at their birth records, to a new state insect, to another bump up in gas prices, we bring you up to date in this brief review. For...

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Adoption: A Loving Choice

My Personal Journey A major part of my work at Tauber Law Offices deals with finding good parents for children in need. Adding adoption to my practice was a given, from the moment my husband and I experienced the thrill of adopting our own daughter. Today I am forever...

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Cycling for Safety

Click here for Motorcycle Safety Awareness information When it seemed like winter would never end, we’re suddenly now in the summer season. While this is such a wonderful time of year for so many reasons – picnics, the kids playing summer sports, the beach, cook-outs...

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We Live in a Highway Danger Zone

We’ve reported to you before that Northwest Indiana combined with South Chicago is one of the busiest set of commercial trucking routes in the country. And one of the deadliest. We are right in the middle of it. I-65, from Gary through Merrillville and on down through...

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The Vital Importance of an Estate Plan

An estate plan is one of the most important documents you will ever create. Some people believe that all you need is a will. The truth is, a will is only the beginning. You really need a comprehensive estate plan to fully protect you and your heirs during the many...

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Big Trucks Can Mean Big Trouble

Already in this New Year, we’re hearing about many tragic accidents involving big trucks in our region – and already some fatalities.   If a big truck hits your vehicle, you are usually the loser considering the monster size and weight...

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As the seasons change, lots of folks start thinking about putting their house on the market. Maybe you’re thinking of selling or buying a house or property on your own to avoid having to pay a real estate commission of 6-7%. Many people...

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In our previous article we discussed the importance of getting the help from a highly experienced real estate attorney when making a transaction. When purchasing or selling a business, a carefully crafted Asset Purchase Agreement is...

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The Bikers Are Coming

It’s getting close to the time when winter starts turning to spring. The motorcycles will be back on the road. Sometimes riders rush the season by driving in conditions that are less than ideal. The results are sometimes tragic. There...

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Way back in 1975, Indiana was the first state to enact malpractice reform legislation. That was a landmark move, but a cap on how much Hoosier victims can collect has been a burden in many malpractice cases ever since.  Some recent...

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April is Awareness Month for Distracted Driving Dangers

How many times have you seen this while driving?    How about that man shaving while driving?   A  smoker fishing for a lighter?  Not to mention people texting and using cell phones while driving?   Let’s admit it, many of us have done it from time...

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Good Reasons to Carry an Umbrella

On a rainy day you carry an umbrella for protection.  However, every day you should carry another kind of umbrella — an umbrella insurance policy, for a more serious type of protection. There are basically two reasons to have umbrella...

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Summer Camp – Be Prepared

The kids are excited. Another school year has gone by, and many children are off to summer camp. There is vital information to keep in mind regarding summer camps.  You want to make the experience a happy and safe one and provide a source of...

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Our 2016 Safe Summer Checklist For Kids & Parents

It’s officially here. For the kids, summertime should be full of fun and made of memories. Too often it is not. The National Safe Kids Campaign estimates that every year, one in four kids ages 14 and younger will sustain an injury that...

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Roads Even More Deadly in 2015

This is is the time of year when motorists hit the highways in heavy numbers because of vacations and other activities.  It follows that this is also the deadliest time. According to preliminary figures just out this month from the...

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Warning: There could be a Time Bomb in Your Car

Now, a product designed to keep you safe in your car or truck, is proving to be potentially dangerous for millions. If you haven’t heard this on the national and local news, read about it now. This is all about the largest airbag recall in U.S....

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Consider a 1031 to Help Your 1099

There’s a way to swap one asset for another without paying taxes.  Before you get too excited, this is a pretty specialized transaction with a lot of limitations and considerations. It’s called a 1031 exchange and it can only be used to...

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Child Passenger Safety Week Gets off to a Bad Start

This past month  of September featured Child Passenger Safety Week.  It was to be a gentle reminder to make sure the kids are buckled up and safe in the car to avoid any injuries or accidents.   And to celebrate the progress that has supposedly been...

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