Semi Truck Accidents

Recovering After A Semi Truck Accident

All types of car accidents can cause dangerous injuries, but semi truck accidents hold the greatest potential to harm drivers or passengers in smaller vehicles. The average semi-trailer truck is much longer and exponentially heavier than a car. This can lead to catastrophic injuries and deaths. Truck accidents are perhaps the most dangerous type of motor vehicle collision there is.

Tauber Law has more than 60 years of collective experience handling personal injury cases. Our attorneys treat clients with respect and compassion – like family. We demonstrate our zeal for resolving difficult cases through our membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. You can trust us to explore the circumstances of the accident, review the actions of both the truck driver and their employer, and help you prepare a claim that provides for all of your financial and health needs, both current and ongoing.


Our lawyers understand how to represent your truck accident claim to maximize the amount of your settlement or award. They understand that the legal dynamics of a semi truck accident case are more complex than most car accident cases:

  • Truck accidents can involve multiple cars and other trucks, which complicates determining who was at fault.
  • The driver of the truck could be a company employee or a self-employed contractor.
  • The company they work for may require the driver to drive too many hours per day, in violation of state and federal regulations.
  • The trucking company is required to keep driver logs and other records related to the operation of their fleet. This evidence must be verified and reviewed as the lawsuit is prepared.

The trucker’s insurance company will hire experienced attorneys to defend their client’s actions and blame the accident on you. Let our attorneys fight for the damages that can help you recover your health and standard of living.


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