Premises Liability / Slip And Falls

Aggressive Slip-And-Fall Claim Defense

A slip and fall may seem minor to you or make you feel clumsy, but nothing could be further from the truth. Poor conditions in a parking lot or store that make you fall can lead to serious head, neck and back injuries. At Tauber Law in Schererville, our lawyers advocate for fall victim’s rights as they have for two generations. We can help you get the support you need after an injurious fall.


Owners and operators of public areas such as restaurants, retail establishments and parking garages have a responsibility to maintain their facilities for the safety of their patrons. If the conditions that made you trip and fall were due to someone’s negligence of their duty to provide a safe environment, you might have a slip-and-fall case.


The effect of injuries such as broken bones and traumatic head injuries should not be belittled and deserve fair compensation. Our winning track record shows that you can trust our firm to pursue positive results in your personal injury case. We are equally at home in negotiation or courtroom litigation and put honest hard work into every case we represent.


Get the help you need from our compassionate attorneys to overcome your injuries. Give Tauber Law a call today at 219-865-6666 or get in touch online to schedule a free initial consultation about your situation. We do not collect fees unless we win your case.

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