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This past month  of September featured Child Passenger Safety Week.  It was to be a gentle reminder to make sure the kids are buckled up and safe in the car to avoid any injuries or accidents.   And to celebrate the progress that has supposedly been made in this area.

Unfortunately, the week started out with some discouraging news.

New data released about the same time from 2015 indicated there was a ten-percent increase in fatalities for children under the age of 13.

Ironically, neither the NHTSA nor child safety experts can explain exactly why.

Kate Carr, a spokesperson for SafeKids.org., says, “Is it distraction, is it more vehicles on the road?  It could be a host of different factors. We don’t have the data to say why,” said Carr.  “It’s it’s especially disappointing to hear this after all the progress that’s been made in child safety restraints to include making it easier for parents to properly install safety seats.

This disturbing news raises the importance of a new web site just launched called Ultimate Car Seat Guidehttps://www.safekids.org/ultimate-car-seat-guide

The site is a great new place for tips on buying, installing, and how to make sure you have the right fit.

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