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Before you go on a longer trip in your vehicle, you’re probably like the rest of us.  You check the weather forecast to see what conditions you might face.  Now you can also check a forecast for traffic crashes to find out the probability of an accident on your chosen route.

The Indiana State Police has a new website in hopes that it will reduce crashes on Indiana roads.

To check it out, start here and see the video that describes all the features of the new site:  https://secure.in.gov/isp/3268.htm#CrashMap

You’ll see something that looks like this:

According to the State Police, “The Indiana Daily Crash Prediction Map uses the same ideas as a weather forecast. Just as with the weather, the system looks at current data, such as weather, traffic, and road conditions, and then analyzes this based on historical crash data for that location under similar conditions. It then produces an estimate showing the risk—from very low to high—of a crash in every one kilometer square block of the state.”

When you see a red indication, there is a high probability of a crash; yellow means a moderate risk, and blue is low.  You can also see a history of crashes in a certain area as you zoom in.

The map predicts, within the current three-hour time window, when and where a crash may happen. Users can also select an alternate time period for that same day.  This means you can alter your route depending on your findings, or decide to take your trip at a different time of day.

“We want them to look at this and say, ‘maybe I need to go another way, maybe I need to watch it, maybe I need to put that phone down,’” said Indiana State Police (ISP) Capt. Larry Jenkins in an interview with WRTV 6.  “We want them to do that anyway.”

“Indiana has 200,000 crashes a year,” according to ISP.  “If accidents are reduced by 2,000 it would save Hoosiers $35 million dollars a year.”

So, check the weather forecast, but why not take a few extra seconds to check the probability of an accident as you move along the highways?   You just might keep that long-awaited family trip from becoming a tragedy.

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Sources:  WRTV 6, Indianapolis; in.gov



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