Good Reasons to Carry an Umbrella | Tauber Law

May 6, 2016

On a rainy day you carry an umbrella for protection.  However, every day you should carry another kind of umbrella — an umbrella insurance policy, for a more serious type of protection. There are basically two reasons to have umbrella insurance. First, it’s necessary to protect you against liability.   A few examples: If you are a landlord…

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April is Awareness Month for Distracted Driving Dangers | Tauber Law

April 23, 2016

How many times have you seen this while driving? How about that man shaving while driving?   A  smoker fishing for a lighter?  Not to mention people texting and using cell phones while driving?   Let’s admit it, many of us have done it from time to time. Bottom line:  Distracted driving is mighty dangerous. Finally, states…

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April 19, 2016

Way back in 1975, Indiana was the first state to enact malpractice reform legislation. That was a landmark move, but a cap on how much Hoosier victims can collect has been a burden in many malpractice cases ever since.  Some recent progress has eased this burden. Last month (March) lawmakers voted to increase the cap…

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March 3, 2016

In our previous article we discussed the importance of getting the help from a highly experienced real estate attorney when making a transaction. When purchasing or selling a business, a carefully crafted Asset Purchase Agreement is extremely important. Let’s say you want to buy a business. What are you really buying? You need to get…

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March 1, 2016

As the seasons change, lots of folks start thinking about putting their house on the market. Maybe you’re thinking of selling or buying a house or property on your own to avoid having to pay a real estate commission of 6-7%. Many people have done it successfully. Maybe you have. Most everyone would agree, though,…

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Tauber Law Office Argues Against the IHSAA Regarding Sanctions Against Schools | Tauber Law

February 19, 2016

Case Summary During a February 2015 boys varsity basketball game between Griffith High School and Hammond High School, an on-court fight broke out involving players. The Commissioner of the Indiana High School Athletic Association (“IHSAA”) sanctioned both schools as a result. The sanctions included canceling the remainder of the schools’ seasons, suspending them from participation…

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Big Trucks Can Mean Big Trouble | Tauber Law

January 25, 2016

Already in this New Year, we’re hearing about many tragic accidents involving big trucks in our region – and already some fatalities.   If a big truck hits your vehicle, you are usually the loser considering the monster size and weight of an 18-wheeler versus a passenger car or motorcycle. The statistics are a bit staggering…

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